About Clear Skin Clinic

Clear Skin Clinic started 12 yrs back

I have started this website for better patient information regarding activities of my clinic. My clinic is dedicated for giving quality service at an affordable cost. Dr. Mahesh M MBBS, DVD is the founding chairman of Clear Skin clinic. I am a consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist practicing since 12 years. I graduated from KIMS, Bangalore and completed my post graduate diploma in Dermatology from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. I have participated in various national and international cosmetology workshops and conferences to upgrade my knowledge and skills.

I thank all my patients for giving their photographs for the website and study purpose. I and my team will constantly work for better patient care and delivering good results. Your feedback is always valued. Patience and realistic expectation gives you the desired outcome.

I would like to tell my clients that the before and after photographs are few among our client's who have shown desired results. This has individual variations and should act as a guide and results vary among each one of you.


Our team has good clinical training in offering dermatologic and cosmetic services. We are well versed in all procedures pertaining to skin and hair care. We counsel each client with utmost care and answer all your queries. We will always look forward for your suggestions and feedback to upgrade our services to you. It is our constant endeavor to improve the quality of service.

Dr. Mahesh M, MBBS, DVD | Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist

Lakshmi . S | BA Journalism(Counsellor)

Vidya. M | GNM Nursing (Staff Nurse)

Suvarna | B.com (Receptionist)